Project description: allows users to sell domain names at live auctions and online. The Domain Manager allows the user to maintain a list of all of their domains, submit them for auction, transfer unsold domains to new auctions, and track status by auction. The program architecture is "Ajax Deluxe" as described by Michael Mahemoff's Ajax Design Patterns -- it follows an event-triggered program flow, all data is loaded asynchronously, and the page never reloads.

For: Thought Convergence, Inc. (Full-time employee)

Technologies Used: Ajax, Ext-js, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Role: Extended back and front ends to accomodate multiple auctions and to include "My Domains" view.

About this screenshot:

These domains have been submitted for consideration in a live auction. The list of domain names shown here is based on an 'active grid' model. Much of the data is editable in-line. The data is sortable by column using a simple click of the column name. Domain Manager Domain Manager Domain Manager Domain Manager